Meet technology finance professional, Zoe Myers

Rachelle Anstey

We talk to finance executive, Zoe Myers, about making the move to a high-growth technology business, what makes a great recruitment process and backing yourself when you’re ready for career change.

What was most important to you in making your latest career move?

Opportunity and challenge have driven all my career choices. Despite being at (my previous firm) WorleyParsons for 10 years, I took on a lot of varied and international roles, usually because an opportunity was too exciting or interesting for me to say no. Redbubble was like that as well, the opportunity to change industries, and join an high-growth Australian digital business really excited me.

Was the shift from an engineering firm to a digital business an ambition or a happy coincidence?

I think the move to Redbubble was combination of both, the economy is changing and as an ambitious finance professional, the opportunity to be part of a fast -growing technology company was very appealing. I didn’t want to wait too long to make the move into a more dynamic sector. Both the timing, the opportunity and the team at Redbubble were right for me, so I took the step, and I haven’t looked back.

How would you describe the experience of working with Rachel Morton and the team at Marshall McAdam?

Rachel was professional and efficient from the get-go. What was very clear to me when I first met Rachel and [Director] Hamish Sinclair, was their excitement about the role. They knew the team at Redbubble really well, so they were able to give me an in-depth feel for the job. They focussed on my skills and whether I would be the right fit, instead of just looking for industry experience. From there, I always knew what was going on. The communication was good every step of the way, so there were no surprises.

The recruitment process was quite long so I got to meet a number of team members, business leaders and peers. I definitely see the value of getting a range of people involved in selecting the person who will join their team.

Redbubble were looking for the right person in this key role for the long-term and offered a clear succession path. How attractive was that?

I didn’t immediately know the long-term nature of the role. The opportunity to have a career path emerged as the recruitment process unfolded. In my experience, it was very unusual and particularly attractive. It was hugely confidence-building to apply for a position when you don’t have experience in that industry and for recruiters to see the potential for you to succeed. Rachel wanted to help me grow in my career as much as she wanted Redbubble to find the right candidate and for the business to succeed.

How has the role met with your original expectations?  Has anything surprised you about the role, the business or the team you work with?

I think it’s fair to say I’m constantly surprised, in a good way. I started at Redbubble in December 2016 and time has flown! Going from engineering to on-demand retail is as different as it gets - everything from wearing a suit to wearing a pair of jeans, the atmosphere in the office, the colour and the energy. Every two weeks our engineering and design team demonstrate what they've been working on. We have artists in residence to help us all stay connected with our purpose, to support independent artists bringing more creativity into the world, it’s an inspiring organisation to be part of.

What advice would you give to a finance manager wanting to change industries?

I would probably suggest they look at what industry interests them or what they're intrigued by. At the same time, know where you don't want to be. I knew I didn’t want to work for a bank or chase numbers for numbers sake. I wanted those numbers to be attached to a purpose that I connected to. Next, I would really think about not just your technical skills, but the behaviours you exhibit – it may be resilience, agility, team leadership -  that make you an all-round professional. Finally, you’ve got to back yourself and take a chance.  And hopefully, someone will take a chance on you too.


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