When recruiting talent, how do you know what a good candidate looks like?


The right candidateA Marshall McAdam recruiter brings an average of 10 years senior recruitment experience to every brief we take on across technology, accounting, finance and strategy.

So it’s fair to say we know a good candidate when we see one.

We know how to assess their skills in line with key job criteria and identify patterns in their job history that indicate whether they should be shortlisted for a role.

Short-listing is a crucial part of the recruitment process, that if done well, saves our clients the considerable costs associated with taking the wrong candidate through further stages of the process. The problem is, not all recruitment firms do it well. We constantly hear client feedback that the short-lists they receive from other recruiters look more like long-lists, often including 5-6 possible candidates. We believe there are few situations where there are that many good candidates for a senior role in a given talent pool. More often there is 2-3, maybe just one and sometimes, none. 

So why is our approach different?  We bring executive search methodology to the middle market – actively head hunting to find the best people for your role.  Then we take the time necessary to short-list properly. By the time you receive a resume from us, there is never a question of the candidates’ ability to do the job.  

This means we can focus our candidate interviews on other aspects vital to a successful long-term placement.  We ask about their motivations, the sort of work culture they’re looking for, their values and aspirations.  We get specific.  For example, a lot of candidates say they want flexibility, but we take the time to understand what that really means, and whether it’s going to work for our client, before we take things further.  If a candidates want to move across to a new industry we’ll explore their knowledge of the industry and look for evidence of adaptability, commitment and drive.

We know our approach is a better way to recruit, because clients keep telling us it is.  Which is great, because we aim to partner with clients who see us as a true extension of their HR team and key to delivering top talent.