What does a positive workplace culture look like?


Corporate culture plays a major role in maintaining a successful and long-lasting business. The term itself relates to the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle business relationships.  

Jim Houston from consultancy firm Composure Group specialises in workplace strategy, culture and leadership. Jim recently did some work with our team to pinpoint the business’ cultural strengths and identify areas for improvement. We’ll be sharing some our of results with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, in order to paint a better picture of what a positive workplace culture actually looks like, I spoke to Jim about the key aspects of building and sustaining a positive culture.   

  • Having respect for team members 

A team’s ability to value each other’s unique experiences, backgrounds, values and views as well as having a genuine respect for each other’s contribution to the organisation is imperative for reaching personal and business goals.

  • Being responsive to customer needs

An organisation needs to act with integrity, maintain confidentiality and build trusted relationships with each customer as this is key to cultivating a culture that is focused on care and respect for each person it deals with.

  • Acting with autonomy

In order to ensure each employee can thrive and enjoy a successful and autonomous career, the leadership team must be ethical in its approach to dealing with team members and customers. A key to this is embedding a strong element of inclusiveness and respect in the business.

  • Being accountable and disciplined

A healthy culture has the capacity to deliver on promises through discipline and personal responsibility. Looking for new ways to improve on different aspects of the business and being open to seeking out feedback on performance improves productivity and morale.

If you’re a senior recruiter with experience in any of our market portfolios looking for a positive, autonomous working environment contact us for a confidential discussion. 

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