Rik Wolthuis

Rik Wolthuis

// Consultant - Finance Contract Specialist //


After moving from the Netherlands to Australia in early 2019, I began working in Marshall McAdam’s Sydney office recruiting senior finance contractors. Starting a new desk at the company has been an exciting new challenge - new country, new colleagues, new life!

Before starting at Marshall McAdam, I worked for four years in the Netherlands at Finanxe, an international recruitment consultancy. My work was 80% contract, 20% permanent and I was a 360 recruiter, so I managed every part of the recruitment process. Prior to that, I studied a Bachelor of Business Management at the University of Mount Olive in North Carolina, USA.

For me, Marshall McAdam felt right from the beginning. Even before I started in the office, the warm welcome from the Sydney team and the meetings I had with the Melbourne team gave me the exact feeling I was looking for. The company’s directors give their staff a lot of freedom to be themselves and to be successful. Everyone is different and special in their own way, so why not empower everyone’s unique talent and get everything out of it?

Outside of work, I love to play and watch sports. At the moment I’m most involved in golf, football and tennis. In fact, a friend and I just started a golf ball marker collection. We play a round and the loser has to buy a golf ball marker for the winner. I like to be outside and around people. During my free time, I’ll probably be in a restaurant drinking wine or at sports field either playing or watching a game.

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