Rachel Morton

Rachel Morton

// Senior Accounting and Finance Recruitment Specialist //

Having started my career working for two large global recruitment agencies in the UK, I was able to gain great experience recruiting entry level accounting positions whilst slowly working my way up the ladder to recruit at the higher end of the market.

Now, with 12 years of experience behind me, I help senior finance professionals secure their ideal job. I don’t see recruitment as a one-touch business because I like to keep in close contact with my clients and candidates, offering recruitment and career advice whenever it’s required. 

Just three years ago, my partner and I made the decision to shake things up and move from Manchester in the UK to Melbourne. Manchester is often described as Melbourne’s twin city, and to be quite honest I felt right at home here from the very first day we arrived. I even enjoy the four seasons in one day! I took the same approach to relocating that I’ve always taken in my career and relationships with clients and candidates. I simply decided that it was going to work, and guess what? It did!

One of the best things about being part of Marshall McAdam is that the business actively supports my approach to building long term relationships. We are also a close, collaborative team, and we have a lot fun. Life’s too short to work somewhere I can’t laugh every day.

When I’m not hard at work, I enjoy running along the Yarra trail (it’s quite literally on my doorstep!) and of course I love watching the sun bounce off the river with the city skyline in the background.

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