Peak is a diversity program that aims to support women in leadership roles within the technology and data sectors

In 2018 Marshall McAdam established Peak, a program designed to support diversity in leadership teams. It is now a thriving group of over 150 female leaders who connect, share their experiences and to learn from each other. The group was created by Marshall McAdam's Executive Technology Recruitment Specialist, Christine Hubble.

The program stemmed from conversations Christine had with women at a senior level in the Melbourne technology space when many of her female candidates and clients said that they would like to be involved in a group with a focus on business networking and proactive career development. She also became more aware of the challenges faced by organisations in building diverse teams and the specific issue of gender diversity in technology leadership teams.

Since its establishment, Peak has attracted interest and support from senior women in technology who are benefiting from the networking and learning opportunities afforded by our smaller group forums. The program has over 150 members including individuals with the titles of CIO, Chief Data Officer, Head of IT, GM Technology, Data Leaders, Head of Digital Programs, and CISO.


Peak also runs a broader networking event on an annual basis that brings together professionals from across the technology sector. 

Although there are many initiatives and events that have a similar aim, the feedback from Peak participants is that none provide the same opportunity to share and learn from women in the way that Peak does. What makes Peak special is that it's an informal environment that encourages open discussion and high levels of energy, where everyone can feel comfortable to engage in discussion and learn from others.

Along with holding regular events online and in person, our Peak team also publishes a newsletter to keep its members up to date on future functions, local industry events, speaker announcements and relevant articles and news. 

If you would like to speak at a Peak event or if you are interested in becoming a group member, please get in touch with Christine at (03) 8399 9311 or