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Cydney Hughes

Things move fast in my world and I’m passionate about connecting talented finance professionals to great opportunities. Contracting or temping can be a great way to experience working in some of Australia’s best companies and learn more about yourself and your career goals along the way. Ultimately, this business is all about people and I love learning about people’s stories and backgrounds – every day brings something different and exciting.

Meet technology finance professional, Zoe Myers

We talk to finance executive, Zoe Myers, about making the move to a high-growth technology business, what makes a great recruitment process and backing yourself when you’re ready for career change.

Enterprise architects creating new opportunities for business growth

Architecture is one of the fastest growing fields in the technology jobs market. It has a broad reach and working closely with the CIO it influences decisions regarding current technologies and future investment.

Meet Accounting, finance and strategy recruitment specialist, Gavin McDonald

Accounting, finance and strategy recruitment specialist, Gavin McDonald shares his insights on the changing modern finance team, the rise of the CEO/CFO relationship, the importance of cross-sector experience and why a strong LinkedIn profile matters.

Career Profile: James Harkness

Commercial Executive and CFO, James Harkness, talks about diverse career choices, following his entrepreneurial spirit and why he keeps coming back to Marshall McAdam.

IT jobs changing as CIOs shift their focus from efficiency to innovation

CIO’s increasingly having a voice in future business strategy, often tasked with bringing together fragmented programs across security, innovation, digital, cloud, managed services, data and development; into one coherent vision.

Dominic Mallawarachy

In the world of software development, technology evolves at a frantic pace and that’s what I love most about my role – working at the forefront of what’s new or in demand and delivering the right solution for everyone in my professional network.

When recruiting talent, how do you know what a good candidate looks like?

A Marshall McAdam recruiter brings an average of 10 years senior recruitment experience to every brief we take on. So it’s fair to say we know a good candidate when we see one.

Beating a new path to the CFO’s chair

Executives with wide-ranging backgrounds are increasingly finding themselves at the helm of financial strategy at Australia’s leading companies.

Flexibility no longer a lifestyle choice

Work norms are changing at a rapid pace across the country, with flexible working options now desired by all sections of the professional workforce. It means organisation's must ensure they have a strategy in place to cater for part-time workers in order to attract and retain some of the best talent.