Meet Founder and Director, Ben Cass

As a Founding Director of Marshall McAdam, I help clients to build their businesses, candidates to grow their careers and staff to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Meet Founder, Director and Executive Recruiter, Hamish Sinclair

As the Chairman and Founding Director of Marshall McAdam, I focus on the strategic and operational side of the business. I am passionate about building the business in a sustainable way.

Meet Sydney Director, Tim Hutchinson

As the Director of Marshall McAdam’s Sydney office, I hold the dual role of building and leading the Sydney team and recruiting Senior Finance professionals.

Meet Practice Director - Accounting and Finance, Gavin McDonald

I am the Practice Director of the Accounting and Finance team in Melbourne. I work on building and leading this team while recruiting executive finance professionals.

Meet Practice Director - Technology & Projects, Anton Roe

I am the Practice Director of the Technology & Projects team and my role is to mentor, coach and direct the team’s approach to engaging talent in Melbourne.

Meet Principal Consultant - Contract Data Solutions, Joram Falkenburg

As a Principal Consultant at Marshall McAdam, I specialise in placing highly skilled data and business intelligence professionals into contract positions within the Sydney area.

Meet IT Recruitment Specialist - Technology & Projects, Richard Green

I am an IT Recruitment Specialist with wide-ranging experience recruiting across projects and technology. I specialise in finding the best Business Analysts in the Melbourne market.

Meet Recruitment Consultant - Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Alex Hampton

I am a Recruitment Consultant and I specialise in connecting great people and forward-thinking organisations in the fields of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Meet Principal Consultant, Christine Hubble

I am a Principal Consultant with an interest in senior technology staff in architecture and data analytics. I also run Peak, a Melbourne-based networking program for senior women in technology careers.

Meet Senior Accounting & Finance Recruitment Specialist, Rachel Morton

I am a Senior Accounting and Finance Recruitment Specialist and I work with businesses of all sizes across the Melbourne market.

Meet Recruitment Consultant, Harry Strudley

I am a Recruitment Consultant and I specialise in seeking out high quality Software Developers. My focus within this area is JavaScript Development.

Meet Principal Consultant, Victoria Woodcock

I am a Principal Consultant with a focus on technology leaders who drive change and innovation projects. In particular, Project Managers with experience in transformation, delivery and PMO.

Meet Marketing Coordinator, Lucie Davies

I am Marshall McAdam's Marketing Coordinator. Working out of our Melbourne Office, my role is to facilitate communication between Marshall McAdam and the outside world.

Meet Operations Manager, Lucinda Ridd

I've been with Marshall McAdam since the business started, and I really believe in our motto ‘a better way’. As the business has evolved, so has my role. I now work as the Operations Manager for the company, where I oversee the commercial and general operations of the business, focussing on training, induction and building systems and process improvements.

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