Lucinda Ridd

Lucinda Ridd

// Operations Manager //

A founding member of Marshall McAdam, I’m responsible for the strategies and structures that support the unique way we go about our business. Systemising collaborative recruitment is an absorbing ambition aimed at lifting performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability. I love working with people, providing support and creating an environment that allows them to thrive and succeed. From directing our digital media strategy, to boosting training and development or implementing new systems and processes, I am constantly able to improve results for everyone who comes into contact with Marshall McAdam.

I’ve been fortunate to work in and across various industries throughout my career. I have worked closely with chief executives to build and drive commercial strategies and partnered successfully with many people to pave the way for their next career move, or to find a star performer. I have managed multi-disciplinary teams of varying sizes and styles and gained compressive recruitment experience in the mid to senior finance and accounting market.

All this has given me a unique insight into the talent management and sourcing issues impacting our commercial landscape, so it’s rewarding to be in a role that is pivotal to helping our clients tackle these very challenges. People who know me would probably say I’m passionate and caring, but also a straight talker who is rather partial to structure and order (OK, maybe a bit pedantic!). I’d say I’m all of those things tempered with some fun, a great love for my work, my family, chocolate and red wine.

Who says you can’t have it all?

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