Lucinda Ridd

Lucinda Ridd

// Head of Delivery & Engagement //


I've been with Marshall McAdam since the business started and as the business has evolved, so has my role. Now as the Head of Delivery & Engagement for the company, I lead a team of passionate delivery and engagement partners who aim to improve our contractor engagement and recruitment process delivery through operational excellence. We connect the best talent in the project services market with the most progressive businesses who are undertaking innovative and transformational projects and build long-term relationships with our loyal contractors by offering a more meaningful engagement and service.

I have enjoyed watching Marshall McAdam grow and change for the better over the years. Our flexible working policy has allowed me to be a very present parent for my young family while maintaining a fulfilling career. The open-mindedness and collaborative nature of the people in our business have been another positive aspect of working at Marshall McAdam.

In my free time, I love to free camp, particularly along the Murray River. There's no happier place for me than camping with my family and close friends. My favourite part is enjoying a glass of red wine while a cake bakes in the camp oven after a long day of wakeboarding or slaloming on the river.

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