Liz Arter

Liz Arter

// Finance Manager //

At Marshall McAdam from the beginning, my role is to let the people who need to run the business, take care of running the business. I’ve implemented the accounting system, payroll system and time costing, as well as train our very talented Office Managers in their finance and payroll related tasks.  

It’s really important to me to keep our contractors happy in any way possible, and I like to ensure that their needs are being met by my team. The contractors may not know it - they are seriously my highest priority, after Hamish & Ben of course! My aim is also to ensure that our relationship with our clients’ finance department is friendly and that any information provided is accurate and clear.

I consider myself lucky to be doing something I really enjoy, mostly because I am constantly challenged by the day to day needs of our growing business. This job has become a bit of a long term relationship – it’s the longest I’ve continuously worked for anyone! It’s not easy to find a job that can be challenging, part-time and flexible to your needs. The working environment is great – people, office, location.  And what a bonus…I can buy the best fructose friendly burger in Melbourne in our building!

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