Israel’s thriving digital talent pool the answer for skills short Aussie start-ups


Israel’s thriving digital talent pool the answer for skills short Aussie start-ups

With breadth and depth in digital and technology start-ups, and a highly regarded academic system, Israel produces a consistently high level of talent that could play a key role in helping the evolution of Australia’s start-up community.

We recently chatted to Marshall McAdam Digital Recruitment Consultant Moran New about her recent successes in sourcing professionals from Israel for a client struggling with the lack of available local talent.

You have just finished an assignment to source a digital marketing specialist from Israel. Tell me how this requirement came about?

My client was working to build their company’s marketing department; after a few months of trying to source directly from the local market, they realized that they were not going to be able to find candidates with specialised PPC (pay per click) marketing experience at the level they were hoping. Specifically, they wanted international campaign experience, to support the broader company strategy of moving into new geographical markets such as Europe and the US.

The Israeli market has a great talent pool for of these skills. There are a multitude of online and gambling companies in Israel, and online marketing, BI and analytics are more mature than in Australia.

What experience do you have in the Israeli industry?

Before I moved with my family to Australia, I established the Business Intelligence (BI) department within the recruitment company that I worked. I was working across the online / digital sector, particularly gambling companies. I was mainly focused on BI, but this typically sits closely with PPC and SEO (search engine optimisation), so I knew which companies to target.

What was the result of your search there?

Well – we found our candidate - and after an extensive recruitment process, my client saw that he had the capability to join the dots of their marketing strategy. They subsequently hired him and he has been able to add a level of focus and depth to their marketing strategy.

Going forward, how do you see the Israel candidate channel evolving?

A lot of Israelis see Australia as a fantastic destination to move with their families, and we are working proactively with candidates across marketing, web, and full stack development. With the challenges in finding great developers in the local market, I see this as being an innovative and effective solution to the supply problem.


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