"Is there a better way?" A cultural journey at Marshall McAdam


Marshall McAdam corporate cultureAt Marshall McAdam we constantly ask ourselves and each other "is there a better way?" We ask ourselves this when working with clients on challenging projects, when advising our candidates on their next career move and when working in our teams. Our culture is one that seeks to improve, develop and adapt, whilst staying true to ourselves, our principles and respecting each other's differences.

Corporate culture plays a pivotal role in maintaining a successful and long-lasting business. Whilst the term distinctly relates to the beliefs and behaviours that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle business proceedings, culture can have many facets, all of which are reliant on each other to work well. At Marshall McAdam we have established a culture for senior recruiters that is both unique to the market and caters specifically to the needs of each consultant in the business.

Jim Houston from Composure Group – a consultancy firm specialising in workplace strategy, culture and leadership – recently did some work with our team to pinpoint the business’ cultural strengths and identify areas for improvement - the "better way". According to Jim:

“Marshall McAdam ranks high in the areas of people, principle, customer and accountability, with 100% of staff saying they would recommend it as a place to work”.

This is how the four key aspects of corporate culture allow our business to stand out amongst our industry peers.


Respect for team members and the organisation itself is an important part of the Marshall McAdam culture. We have established a culture that ensures each team member values one another and the organisation to achieve both individual and business goals. Our team’s ability to effectively interact with each other and manage one another is evident in our low turn-over rate. As lifestyle needs differ for each consultant we have created a number of flexible working options to ensure a healthy work-life balance for each member of our team. 


Our founders’ initial knowledge, and their focus on respect and inclusiveness was embedded into the core foundations of the business. As a result each team member who has walked through the door at Marshall McAdam has embraced a positive culture that allows them to thrive and enjoy successful, autonomous careers.


As a team we focus our efforts on delivering on promises – being disciplined and accountable in everything we do. We’re also on the look-out for new ways to improve in order to maintain high levels of individual performance, decrease risk and increase the speed of our service delivery. Whilst meeting targets is pivotal for business growth and success, we are just as concerned about maintaining a positive and relaxed environment for our team. 

Customer care

Engrained in the Marshall McAdam culture is the importance of acting with integrity, maintaining confidentiality and building trusted relationships with each person we interact with. The team works to ensure each client and candidate is treated with care and is top of mind during decision making processes.

If you’re a senior consultant in the Wealth, Financial Services or Accounting sector seeking an environment that is focused on client care, acts with integrity, accountability, autonomy and respect, click here to find out how you can join our unique culture and growing business.  

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