Hamish Sinclair

Hamish Sinclair

// Founder, Director and Executive Recruiter //

One thing I’ve learnt in a consulting career spanning 20 years is that great careers develop in unexpected ways. In my case, an economics degree led to a graduate placement with a global FMCG company. Great, but not really for me. I then entered the world of recruitment joining a small finance consultancy where I spent the next 16 years helping build the business to 12 offices and 250 staff. In between I also had the opportunity to work in the London market. This collective experience provided great grounding in different aspects of business and relationship management.

Ultimately, having seen many elements of the industry, I reached a point where I wanted to create a new business model focussed on specialist results and high value recruitment. My business partner and I decided Marshall McAdam would be a place where collaboration and knowledge sharing among respected consultants could bring a sophisticated, engaged approach to the market. Over the last five years, that’s exactly what we’ve done and I’m enjoying building a business with that vision at its core.

I have worked with ASX listed companies, large private organisations, SMEs and newly founded start-ups. Each opportunity is different, each is a challenge and those who know me will tell you I thrive on a challenge. With two decades experience in business management and recruitment in finance and leadership roles, I now manage many of our Executive assignments - especially if they have a financial emphasis - and I am actively growing our network. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Aside from my drive to build a great recruitment business, I have another passion. Even though I’m from Melbourne, it's not coffee. I do love my food and wine, but it's not that either. Sound, or perhaps to be more specific, experimental sound is a major part of my life. 

As a co-founder and director of Marshall McAdam, I am passionate about ensuring our recruitment standards are the best in the industry. I like to think that when you partner with Marshall McAdam, the legacy will be one where we've made a difference and the experience will be lasting.

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