Hamish Sinclair

Hamish Sinclair

// Founder & Chair //


As the Chairman and Founding Director of Marshall McAdam, I am passionate about building the business in a positive and sustainable way. I enjoy the strategic and operational side of business and my current focus is on building the brand and growing our network across the recruitment sectors of finance and technology.

Prior to starting Marshall McAdam, I studied economics then spent two decades recruiting for a broad range of businesses, from ASX listed companies to large private organisations, SMEs and startups. After working in recruitment in London and Melbourne, I started to feel that there was a better way of doing things. My business partner Ben Cass and I decided to create a new kind of recruitment company working with smart and dedicated people.

We work hard to ensure that Marshall McAdam is a productive, collaborative and enjoyable workplace for our team. After 10 years of being in business, the company is still changing and seeking feedback on how to improve. This feeds into our belief that there is “A Better Way” to run a recruitment business, one that changes with the times and benefits both our staff and clients.

I am entrepreneurial by nature and have been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of business ventures outside of the recruitment sector. I am actively involved with the private arts foundation Naturestrip, which supports independent Australia art with a focus on sound. This foundation has evolved to fund and assist a variety of projects with the goal of making a contribution to the ongoing growth of the Australian experimental sound landscape.

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