Gavin McDonald

Gavin McDonald

// Principal Consultant, Accounting and Finance //

With over 20 years’ experience as a recruiter in the competitive financial and commercial arena in the UK and Australia, I focus on connecting high calibre candidates with exciting career opportunities.

I am backed by a proven expertise in recruiting across a wide range of industries, a strong professional network, and a tight-knit, collaborative team of specialist recruiters at Marshall McAdam.  From aspiring financial leaders to C-suite executives, I spend my time building a network of hard-to-find talent who want to create long-term careers and make a fundamental difference to the companies they join.

I have successfully recruited for a diverse range of companies, from local organisations to global giants, each requiring a customised approach that is responsive to their business needs and culture. What stays constant is my commitment to providing respectful and ethical services that connect them with the best talent the market has to offer.

I enjoy combining my work with my other passions – sports and food. So join me to talk great careers over lunch, on the golf course, or even at The Ashes. 

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