Finance Recruitment

Marshall McAdam’s Finance team has a thorough understanding of the varied potential career paths of modern finance professionals, gained from many combined years of specialist finance recruiting. 

We have a proven ability to secure the strongest talent, whether they be active candidates seeking their next challenge or passive candidates requiring a 'search' approach. We recruit all kinds of roles, from partially qualified accountants up to CFO / COO level appointments. 

Our ability to judge the right fit for your organisation comes from our long-term relationships with candidates as they build their careers. When a former candidate begins to manage teams, we are often brought on as a preferred recruiter, based on their positive experience and the long-term career advice that we provide.

  • EARLY CAREER | Part and newly qualified CA/CPA/CIMA.
  • FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND CONTROL | Financial Accountant, Statutory/Regulatory Accountant, Tax, Internal Audit, Policy.
  • MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING | Management Accounting, Analyst, FP&A.
  • FINANCE BUSINESS PARTNERING | Highly commercial, 'embedded' roles.
  • COMMERCIAL | Commercial Manager, Pricing, Contract Management.
  • OTHER SPECIALIST ROLES | Treasury, Quantitative Analysis, Risk Management, Systems Accountant.
  • LEADERSHIP | Finance Manager, Financial Controller, FP&A Manager, GM Finance.
CFO FP&A Specialist
Analytics Head of tax/treasury Profitability Strategic Insights GM finance Trainee in Practice Management Accountant Commercial Manager Transformation Auditor/Risk Advisor Coaching Financial Accountant Financial Controller Internal Audit/Risk Manager Information & Data Business Partnering Head of Risk/Audit Leadership FP&A Manager Commercial/Pricing/Performance Analyst Project Accountant Business Analyst Head Of Commercial Finance Manager Growth Financial/Management Reporting Manager Compliance

What makes our Finance team different is that we can recruit people through each stage of their finance career, from Trainee to Chief Financial Officer. As we follow and take an active interest in the diversity of hundreds of individual careers, we build deep market knowledge and a candidate base of highly qualified people. We can recommend high-calibre candidates who have proven experience in one role, as well as individuals who are ready for the challenge of moving through the ranks or to a new job family.

Rachel Morton

Rachel Morton

I am the Practice Leader for Accounting and Finance, and I work with businesses of all sizes across the Melbourne market.

Hamish Sinclair

Hamish Sinclair

As the Chairman and Founding Director of Marshall McAdam, I focus on the strategic and operational side of the business. I am passionate about building the business in a sustainable way.

Tim Hutchinson

Tim Hutchinson

As the Director of Marshall McAdam’s Sydney office, I hold the dual role of building and leading the Sydney team and recruiting Senior Finance professionals.

  • Jen Tan

    Jen Tan

    I worked with Tim Hutchinson and have found the experience unique, as it has been pleasant and quite entertaining! Tim is straight forward, forthcoming and I really appreciate him taking the time to call and check in, even if there has been no updates. He spent a significant amount of time understanding my skills, my motivations and me (again, unique) - it seems the focus is on how the candidate will do the job rather than whether they can, which is something that is overlooked. It has been a ball engaging with Tim and I would definitely recommend utilising his help in the future in filling a vacancy, as he does offer a premium service. Tim takes the time to consider several aspects of the vacant position such as culture, hiring manager and company history and invests time in knowing the candidate so he can identify the most suitable fit.

  • Kunal Rupani

    Kunal Rupani

    I have dealt with Rik Wolthuis in Marshall McAdam and we connected on the very first meeting. I really like Rik's approach of understanding the candidate and asking of which all companies I am looking to work for. He had reached out to the companies to get a feedback if they have any requirements in the finance team. Though I got my first role in Sydney directly, Rik has been in contact to know I am settling well and has always encouraged me. Thank you Rik for all the support. God bless.

  • Chantell Revie

    Chantell Revie

    Tim Hutchinson is very friendly and always able to help source the right candidates. He acts fast and has a great network of people to tap into. Great recruiter to work with.

  • Rick Taylor

    Rick Taylor

    I've used MM a few times to help me find candidates for non-core accounting roles. I'm impressed with their ability to understand the subtleties of unusual roles and the cultural fit. Their shortlists have always been one or two candidates who are perfect for the job. I'll use them again!

  • Nicola Brown

    Nicola Brown

    Positive experience. Tim is a lateral thinker. Has a good understanding of the industry in which he is placing people. Combined with a good understanding of people, and knows how to put forward the kind of candidates and employers that both parties are seeking.

  • Ed Prosser

    Ed Prosser

    I have dealt with Marshall McAdam as a candidate through their founding Director, Tim Hutchinson. Tim impressed me with his people skills by demonstrating a finer appreciation of my skill set, experience and employment needs. It was heartening to find an agency that does follow up on calling and updating you about progress with roles. Tim consistently operated with transparency and I got the sense had established numerous strong client relationships.

  • Ayoma Manampery

    Ayoma Manampery

    I’ve had a great experience working with Cydney Hughes from the Sydney team on securing my current role in the property management industry. She has been a true professional in assisting me to find the right role. She keeps regular contact with me and catches up on how I’m progressing. Marshall Macadam Sydney is a great team to engage with if you’re looking for your next role. If you’re specifically looking for contract roles I would highly recommend to get in touch with Cydney Hughes who is both very competent and professional to assist you through your journey.

  • Issome Ghama

    Issome Ghama

    A great experience with Tim Hutchinson and Cydney Hughes. Consistently helpful, generous in their information and always professional. I'm in a great role where I can access my skills as well as be challenged enough to maintain interest! Thanks to you both!

  • Kim Sin

    Kim Sin

    Professional people, regular follow up / update with candidates regardless the result, one of the most best recruiters I have ever met. Tim is the consultant I worked with and he offered highly professional career advice and job search. Would love to keep long term working relationship with them.

  • James Gray

    James Gray

    I worked with Tim Hutchinson on finding a senior finance role. Very professional, open and honest discussions on the role with no "over selling". Efficient offer and close out process

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