Emily Midson

Emily Midson

// Office Manager //

I am originally from sunny Brisbane and, after admiring Melbourne for over a decade, I finally moved here in February 2019. In Queensland, I worked in financial services and recruitment as an Executive Assistant for over 10 years. 
As Marshall McAdam’s Office Manager, my primary job is to assist the management team to ensure that employees at the company feel supported and have the tools and resources to succeed in their job. I manage the flow of information and act as the first point of contact for clients and candidates. Part of this is anticipating needs and solving problems as they arise. I also organise team celebrations and client events. Doing my job well ensures that the office is a smooth-running, happy and collaborative environment. 
I enjoy working at Marshall McAdam because I work with a welcoming, positive and close team. Each person genuinely cares about their coworkers and the success of the business as a whole.
In my spare time, you’ll find me hanging out with friends, reading, hiking or cycling, taking an art class, learning how to cook and bake or visiting cosy cafes and restaurants on the northside. I am passionate about travelling, art, culture, literature, history and my loved ones!
If you have any issues or concerns, please contact me directly on 03 8399 9308 or at emily@marshallmcadam.com.au

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