Do you have the team you need this EOFY?


Preparing your business for the end of financial year can be daunting. Do you have the finance team you need? Will your team have the resources to cope with the EOFY pressure? If not, now is the time to get a temp up-to-speed early to pick up the slack and support your team over the next few months.

Here's when you know it's time to get a great temp on deck

  1. There’s tension in the ranks

    Nothing sinks morale faster than spreading the EOFY workload among a finance team already under the pump. Hiring a great all-rounder on a temporary basis can head-off a team crisis before it starts. Planning ahead for known maternity or other leave now can keep the pressure at bay.

  2. You’re having trouble replacing a permanent hire

    When replacing a permanent staff member in a key role, it’s natural to want to hold out for the right person. But if you can’t make it happen in time for peak periods like EOFY consider using a temp to manage the workload while you continue with your search. Sometimes the temp turns out to be so great that they become the permanent solution!

  3. You need to make immediate progress on critical projects

    Temp candidates have often worked in many different types of organisations and industries and are usually specialists in key financial and regulatory frameworks or technologies. Skilled contractors are ready to hit the ground running, they can help upskill existing staff and they often provide a unique insight into other industry projects and contacts.

  4. Your business is changing and you aren’t sure what you need

    It’s easy to become paralysed in times of change and unsure of what skills your evolving team needs most. Using highly skilled temps can be a great way to test different approaches. If you hire a temp with the possibility of a permanent role, the candidate is often highly motivated to deliver results from the get-go.


How we can help

Our QuickStart Temp service is the hassle-free way to find the perfect temp to complement your finance team. With our ‘try before you buy’ model, you'll be pleased you acted early. Call me on (03) 8399 9304 or email me at and we'll find the right person for your preferred start date. You'll get a four-hour working trial and if you're not completely happy we’ll pick up the bill. You’ll have a smooth run into EOFY and a happy team!


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