Christine Hubble

Christine Hubble

// Head of Leadership Solutions //


My plan wasn’t always to work in recruitment. I originally wanted to be a clothing buyer because I love fashion and wanted to work in business. After following that dream, I discovered that the industry was different to what I envisaged so I took a temporary role in recruitment. One of the things that drew me in was learning about different types of businesses, what they do and how they work. Once I discovered how fast-paced and exciting IT recruitment was, I was hooked.

I am now a Principal Consultant with over 30 years of recruitment experience. I have a varied and specialised role that involves recruiting senior level technology staff, with a particular focus on architecture and data analytics. I meet with senior executives, learn their challenges and priorities, help them to build their recruitment brand and build their senior leadership team.

After seeing the positive effects of diversity while recruiting for the technology industry, I created Peak, a networking program for senior women in technology careers in Melbourne. This group focuses on information sharing and leadership development in an open and relaxed environment. I also spend time networking in the senior leadership space, helping key contacts to expand their own networks. One of my favourite parts of the job is meeting with and interviewing candidates, helping them to work out their strengths and finding great roles for them.

In my spare time, you can find me waking my 30kg puppy Archie (usually he walks me!), meeting my girlfriends at yoga classes, watching cricket or footie, playing golf, or going to the cinema. I don’t like heights but am very proud to have completed a parachute jump and tandem paraglide, and more bizarrely I enjoyed it!

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