Australian universities impress on the world stage, but more technology skills are needed to build our knowledge economy

It is good to see Australian universities impressing on the world stage. The recent release of the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings shows eight of our universities are now ranked among the top 200 in the world.

Do Australian professionals have the skills to succeed at work?

The results of US survey published on the Harvard Business Review blog found 54% of employees don’t have the skills they need to do their current job and less than half believe the skills they learnt in college are helping them succeed at work. w3

Face to face communication still the future

Technology has many benefits but nothing beats face to face communication when it comes to the networking and knowledge sharing needed to find and nurture the very best people.

The impact of the knowledge economy on our cities

The knowledge economy is growing rapidly and creating 95% of Australia’s projected jobs growth, yet our cities have a long way to go to compete with the global hubs that attract the best talent.

Recruiting without borders

What enables us to deliver impressive hiring results beyond borders? The recruitment skills of our people and the technology we utilise are part of the reason, but ultimately it’s our ability to collaborate, build relationships and drive results that makes distance no barrier to success.

Recruitment sales vs recruitment consulting

Over our 20 years in the industry, Ben and I have seen a growing trend toward transactional engagement between clients and suppliers. Regardless of the reason, the result is most often the same: a focus on time and cost over quality and delivery of true value. So how do you stop burnout and create a culture of consulting?

Carolyn Noumertzis, Head of People, Jetstar

We talk to Carolyn Noumertzis about the business of people, women in aviation and fostering a culture of playfulness.

Is your company a career destination,
or a stepping stone?

For the majority of paraplanners, their role is not a career destination but a stepping stone on the path to more senior financial planning positions. So what can employers do to mitigate the risk of losing great paraplanning staff?

Justin Scotti, Nando's Australia NZ

Justin Scotti share his views about the FMCG market in Asia, the benefits and challenges of working in China, living the expat lifestyle, and his recent re-entry into the Aussie workforce.

How we helped a global financial services giant fill a critical role over Christmas

With Christmas came a challenging brief from a global financial services company: Help us find the right candidate for the most senior finance role in our Asia Pacific team by mid-January.

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