Merry Christmas

Another year is almost behind us and it’s been filled with insights, change, hard work, strong relationships and plenty of fun along the way.

How the internal audit profession went from brown cardigan to little black dress in less than 10 years

The internal audit profession is changing. Relentless market volatility, rapidly changing technology and social media risks have significantly increased corporate risk over the last decade and leaders are demanding greater transparency and integration between risk management functions to combat it.

Marshall McAdam recognised for building strong social networks

Marshall McAdam was recently named one of Australia’s most socially engaged staffing agencies by Australia’s best known social networking site, LinkedIn.

Israel’s thriving digital talent pool the answer for skills short Aussie start-ups

With the demand for digital marketing and development professionals at record highs, Marshall McAdam is building sourcing channels into the burgeoning Israeli start-up market. Online marketing, BI and analytics are more mature than in Australia, making the Israeli market a great source of talent with skills the experience to deliver today.

7 things you must know to clean-up in SaaS sales - part 2

Once a SaaS sales professional has become their clients’ trusted advisor, they must expand their focus to identify new ways of growing and adapting the account to keep pace with organisational change and market forces. In the second of a two part series, Andrew Lamrock shares more valuable insights on the steps required to take an established client relationship to the next level.

7 things you must know to clean-up in SaaS sales

Specialists in SaaS software sales face a unique set of challenges. Its highly customisable design requires an agile, customer-focused and intuitive sales mindset. We talk to Andrew Lamrock about what it takes to makes a good SaaS sales consultant great.

My top 5 tips for avoiding the contractor scrap-heap

IT contractors earn good money and enjoy the challenge, variety and autonomy that goes with it. But a successful career depends on knowing your market, being straight-up with everyone in your network, taking a long-term approach and planning for the times of freefall. Here’s my advice on how to land the best opportunities and avoid the contractor scrap-heap.

5 dire networking mistakes and how to avoid them (#4 is a career killer)

Whether it’s talking too much, forgetting to give back or cold calling someone in the middle of a busy day, there are plenty of ways to sabotage your professional networking efforts. Our consultants share their advice on the biggest networking mistakes and how to avoid them.

Rachelle Anstey, Director Financial Services, Alfred Health

Discover how Alfred Health’s new director of financial services, Rachelle Anstey, found her way into the perfect job surrounded by a strong leadership culture.

Re-invent yourself as a next generation IT professional

In part one of our series on the changing roles in the IT sector, we outline the skills in greatest demand and explain how tech professionals can re-invent themselves to succeed in the digital era.

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