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Meet Accounting, finance and strategy recruitment specialist, Gavin McDonald

Accounting, finance and strategy recruitment specialist, Gavin McDonald shares his insights on the changing modern finance team, the rise of the CEO/CFO relationship, the importance of cross-sector experience and why a strong LinkedIn profile matters.

Beating a new path to the CFO’s chair

Executives with wide-ranging backgrounds are increasingly finding themselves at the helm of financial strategy at Australia’s leading companies.

Flexibility no longer a lifestyle choice

Work norms are changing at a rapid pace across the country, with flexible working options now desired by all sections of the professional workforce. It means organisation's must ensure they have a strategy in place to cater for part-time workers in order to attract and retain some of the best talent.

How women can nail salary negotiation

Whether you're looking to be promoted at work or seeking a new role, these tips will help you (or the women in your life) nail your next salary negotiation.

Could your recruitment career be better?

The paths to a career in recruitment are so varied you may wonder whether recruitment professionals have anything in common at all. But I believe they do. I think they crave self-mastery and recruitment offers the perfect canvas.

4 reasons it's no longer enough to be a specialist auditor

The landscape for Internal Audit (IA) talent is changing and broader skills sets are a must as the IA function gets a much needed makeover. Here I explain the 4 key reasons for this shift and why they matter to you, whether you’re an audit business leader looking to hire standout talent or an IA looking to make your next move.

Merry Christmas

Another year is almost behind us and it’s been filled with insights, change, hard work, strong relationships and plenty of fun along the way.

How the internal audit profession went from brown cardigan to little black dress in less than 10 years

The internal audit profession is changing. Relentless market volatility, rapidly changing technology and social media risks have significantly increased corporate risk over the last decade and leaders are demanding greater transparency and integration between risk management functions to combat it.

Marshall McAdam recognised for building strong social networks

Marshall McAdam was recently named one of Australia’s most socially engaged staffing agencies by Australia’s best known social networking site, LinkedIn.

Israel’s thriving digital talent pool the answer for skills short Aussie start-ups

With the demand for digital marketing and development professionals at record highs, Marshall McAdam is building sourcing channels into the burgeoning Israeli start-up market. Online marketing, BI and analytics are more mature than in Australia, making the Israeli market a great source of talent with skills the experience to deliver today.