Ben Cass

Ben Cass

// Founder and Client Director //


Don't tell anyone but, unlike many in the recruitment industry, I am not much of a salesman.  Understanding the world of work, career paths and what drives hiring decisions has been my focus from the outset of my career.  Although I have a Computer Science qualification, the final year crystalised my passion for people and relationships over bits and bytes. So right from the outset of my career, working at Monash University’s Careers & Employment Service, I have been working with candidates and clients providing advice, support and direction on achieving their goals, be it finding that dream job or how to identify and attract the best talent in the market.  

20 years on, I’ve had the benefit of working with some of the best recruitment companies in Australia and I’ve consciously moved between front-line delivery, account management and operational management roles to extend my knowledge and reach.  Most importantly, I’ve always taken the time to invest in building relationships for the long-term.  So when it came to starting Marshall McAdam, the strength of my networks gave me a lot of confidence.  That's not to say starting a new business at the tail-end of the GFC was all smooth sailing, but I pretty quickly realised that I had built up a lot of good will with my network and perhaps even more critically that people love to get behind entrepreneurial spirit.  So with a lot of goodwill and a bit of good luck along the way, we set about building Marshall McAdam and in doing so, supporting our clients to build their businesses, our candidates to build their careers and our own people to achieve their professional and personal goals.

You'll see that we have coined the motto 'It's the company we keep' and the ideas behind this motto are something I really connect with. Firstly that without authentic relationships and without continuing to invest in building relationships by listening, supporting, thinking long-term and providing advice, you simply don't have a business. Secondly that who we are is reflected in those networks.  The clients who choose to work with us.  The professionals who look to us for opportunities and advice and the people who choose to work with us, inside the company.  Staying true to these ideas makes it so much easier to build a sustainable business because we are focused on so much more than just commercial success.  We want to work with clients who value informed advice, to engage with candidates who are seeking the best opportunities and to build our business by attracting the best recruitment consultants in the market.

But as I said, I’m not much of a salesman.  I believe the best way to judge if we can help you in achieving your goals is to try us for yourself.  Feel free to contact me on (03) 8399 9301 or to speak with one of Our Team. 

I’m confident that if you do, you’ll notice the difference in our approach.


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