Andrew Seng

Andrew Seng

// Recruitment Consultant - Project Management, Change & Transformation //


I was born and raised in the quiet eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In 2012, I completed my Bachelor of Business Information Systems at Monash University. During and after university, I worked in the telecommunications industry and spent time in Business Development roles at Vodafone, Telstra and NBNCo.   

In 2016, I married my long term girlfriend and embarked on our 5-week honeymoon in Europe. Towards the end of our trip, we felt there was so much more to see and do and thought to ourselves “Wouldn’t it be nice to live here and see the rest of Europe?” 12 months on, our fantasy became reality as we moved to London. I started my recruitment career at a company called Cobalt Recruitment, which specialised in real estate and construction recruitment. I headed up the business systems division, working with landlords and investment managers to build their project services and system development teams.

After a very fun and eventful couple of years in the UK, my wife and I decided to make the move back home to settle down and be with family. Upon returning to Melbourne, I was drawn to Marshall McAdam due to the team culture and company values, which I felt were aligned closely with my own. In my role with Marshall McAdam, I specialise in recruiting project services professionals, which allows me to help my clients build experienced and skilled IT project teams. My core focus is on project management and change & transformation.

During my European travels, I found a love for football and wine. My ideal weekend is playing futsal, followed by a nice dinner with a bottle of red wine, then watching the Premier League into the early hours of the morning. 

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